April 18, 2013

Posted by Phil Schipper on Monday, June 3, 2013

Greetings from Northwest Indiana!  We are in a revival meeting this week at Dunes Baptist Church in Michigan City, IN.  The church was packed last night and it was good to see my family and many friends from the area.  Sam Geckler is the pastor of this church that he planted here over 25 years ago.  Not far from the shores of Lake Michigan, Dunes Baptist Church is a lighthouse for the Gospel of Christ .  Please pray for the presence of God to be experienced in these days.  

The events of the past few days have caused us all to take inventory of our lives.  People are seeking answers for questions that flood the mind.  No doubt, the answers of "Who?" and "How?" will be divulged in the days ahead.  The question "WHY?" may never be answered.  If an answer is given, it will not make sense to most people.  I have heard people question God and wonder why He allows these things to take place.  Still others have blamed God and state that a God of love would not allow people to commit such heinous acts.  Somehow, God winds up being the "BAD GUY" when human beings, who were created as free, moral agents, perpetrate evil.  

God places such a high premium on the "free will of man" that He allows men to choose to follow good or evil.  He will not force man to do right, nor choose to believe in and live for Him.  Man's choices have consequences - for good and evil.  It is those choices and the results of the same that we will give an account for one day.  

These events should cause all of us to consider our faith, our family and our future.  Our world may change again, as it did on 9/11/01.  Our God, NEVER will.